How To Create a WordPress Website In 3 Easy Steps

How To Create A WordPress Website For Beginners

Creating a WordPress website for the first time can be either a very fun experience or a very frustrating experience to put it very frank and honest. I want to take some of the stress away from you so you can get up and running fast and easily.

how to create a WordPress website

In this article, I will give you the basic steps to create a WordPress website in 3 easy steps. Here are a few things you will need to get started.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting (managed or cPanel)
  • Theme

Choose A Domain Name

When learning how to create a WordPress website you will see how important it is to select a domain name that is different from others online. It is the name that people type into their Google search bar in order to find your website. Here are 4 things to remember when choosing your domain name

1. Your Domain Name Should Be Easy to spell and Pronounce.

You should make your domain name easy to spell for direct traffic. Let’s take a look at the name of my website. bizemcee is a compound word, meaning it is not a typical word, it’s two words combined into one. bizemcee is business and emcee combined. Biz is the typical spelling for business when shortened. Emcee also means host, so bizemcee means business hosting. bizemcee hosts businesses and teaches how to build websites that make money.

So when you may have a hard time thinking of a traditional business name you can combine words together as long as the domain name is easy to pronounce and spell. If you are running a very niche site it is also a good idea to use the name of the product you are selling or promoting.

2. Make Your Domain Name Relatable To Your Business.

If your WordPress website is a blog, shop, or affiliate site your name should relate. So if you are selling dog products you should not name it It needs to relate. You should also think about the future when naming your website. If you think you may want to expand in the future to selling dog and cat products you do not want to name it but maybe for example.

3. Try To Include Keywords In Your Domain Name.

A keyword is a typical word that people search for in google or bing. It is good to use these keywords in your domain name so it could be that much easier for your WordPress website to be found. Now do not get hung up on this, you should focus on being unique, brandable, and memorable more than anything.

There are many tools out there you can use to find keywords that can help you but the name will still need to be available when you go to register your domain name at When you register your domain name our site will tell you if the name is available and why it is a good name to use which can also pertain to keywords. If the domain name you have chosen is not available then you will see alternative suggestions as well.

4. Stick To .com or .org

There are a lot of TLDs (top-level domains) out there these days that you can use. One of the problems though is that many people are only familiar with .com, .org, .gov, and .biz, .com is the most popular of the bunch. Remember, you want to make the first WordPress website that you created to be very easy to find and easy to return to for recurring sales.

See If Your Domain Name Is Available

What Type Of Hosting Should You Choose

There are two types of hosting out there that you can choose when learning how to create a WordPress website, and the one you choose depends on your skill level or what you are willing to learn and do. It also depends on the time you have. In this section, I will keep it simple though so that you can get started easily. In later articles, I will go more in-depth about the different types of hosting pertaining to what we offer here at bizemcee.

  1. Self Hosted
  2. Managed Hosting

1. Self Hosted

Self-hosted can have two meanings here. 1. It is hosted on your own server and 2. You are using cPanel. I am only going to discuss cPanel today. When you decide to use cPanel to host your website you are keeping more of the control and that means you are doing more of the work pertaining to security and maintenance. This option is for the more tech-savvy people out there or people with a team.

2. Managed Hosting

Managed hosting means the company you are registered with will manage a lot of the background for you. The company will manage the security and updates automatically. You only really have to worry about building your website. WordPress requires regular updates so you can set that option up automatically or you can make these updates yourself with a click of a button.

Honestly, whether you choose to go with cPanel or Managed WordPress they are both easy to use. You have one click install with cPanel where you can still use WordPress easily. You can learn more and see the plans we offer by clicking one of the pictures below

cPanel Starter
Check out our affordable plans
WordPress Basic
Check out our affordable plans

Choosing A WordPress Theme

Okay, now that you have a domain name chosen and registered along with your hosting, it is time to choose a theme. Choosing a theme is the fun part of learning how to create a WordPress website. A theme gives your site the look and feels for your business and nowadays it is very easy to design your website with all the prebuilt themes and page builders.

To start creating your first WordPress website I would suggest using a free theme with pre-built sites that you can install with one-click install. WordPress offers thousands of themes under Appearance == Themes == Add New. You can check these themes out and easily install one. These themes also offers premium versions that provides more options for you to use.

There are pre-made themes that are already outfitted to look like every type of business out there. Again what you choose is based on your skills and needs. Always plan out your business before selecting your theme so you know what you need. I give more tips in the WordPress Themes category of this blog.

A famous place to get themes is from Themeforest. You will need to understand how to select a theme from Themeforest before going there a choosing one because the authors do not always manage their themes properly. You want to make sure they are giving their themes regular updates for security. You need to make sure the theme is not bloated with plugins because it could slow down your website and so much more.

A few very popular themes out there are:

  • Blocksy
  • Kadence
  • Oceanwp
  • Astra
  • Generatepress

These themes are all free with premium versions and highly recommended.

In Conclusion

This is the very basics on how to create a WordPress Website, it is only the beginning. But it is very easy. You do not need to think that it is a hard task at all. We offer all the technical help you could possibly need and all the advice you can use. So have fun with building your first online business. Whenever you have a question reach out to us. Watch Youtube videos and see what your competition is doing.

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